We at Advanced Children's Therapy are committed to providing quality care through licensed therapist, friendly staff, simulating step by step lessons, and a safe and supporting environment. Our desire is to go above and beyond our families expectations. The children entrusted to our care are the future. They need knowledgeable and caring professionals who are also accountable, loyal and compassionate. Therefore, we view it as our civic duty to always provide our absolute best occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Services for our patients, so that we may help them gain the skills they will need to not only grow, but also to thrive in the face of any challenge. 


At Advanced Children's Therapy parent involvement is key for the success of our patients. You as parent have already laid the foundation of your child's education; we desire to work in tandem with you, learning all we can about your child so that we may in turn offer meaningful advice, quality treatment, and lessons that will last a lifetime. It is our mission to enhance the life of your child and support their growth mentally, physically, and emotionally into successful and independent adults.  

Our mission at Advanced Children's Therapy is to benefit our patients and their families by providing  professional, creative and compassionate  Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy services. Our delivery of services are designed to meet the individual needs of each child while exceeding all expectations. 


Our treatment practices are centered first and foremost on aiding our patients, taking into account their individual and ever-changing stages of development. The child, whether an infant, adolescent or anywhere in between, will receive personalized Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy treatment from our well trained and fully licensed staff members.  each stage of the treatment process is specially designed to involve the child, engaging their minds as well as thir whole bodies. Under direction of our therapists, they will be encouraged to explore the world around them, learning to make connections, listen actively, and recognize the accomplishments they have made each and every day. 

Advanced Children's therapy core values consist of providing compassionate, unwearied, professional and respectful care to our patients and their families. 

​Advanced Children's Therapy provides services to patients of all backgrounds across the community, empowering our patients to grow and thrive in the face of hardship, and encouraging them to reach their upmost potential in all areas in their life, while fostering a sense of love and support. 


Our vision at Advanced Children's Therapy is to enhance all aspect of our patients life and their families while continuously nurturing their growth into independent adults, capable of achieving their dreams. 

The purpose of Advanced Children's Therapy is to offer the highest quality Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy treatment where every child feels confident and empowered as they develop to their upmost potential. We desire for both children and their families to gain all they can from their time with us, coming together to create a strong support system that will be there for them in this critical stage of a child's life. 


Here at Advanced Children's Therapy, our belief is that children should be free to express themselves, developing at their own rate in a way that is personalized to their individual needs. Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy sessions are full of meaningful experimentation filled with games, songs, and other activities that are both fun and informative yet challenging. Taking into account the child's skill and age levels, appropriate treatment is provided, allowing them to gain hands on experience fostered through encouragement and repetition. Our compassionate and resourceful staff will help the child to develop secure roots from which they may draw strength as they grow into capable and talented adults. We believe we should go beyond merely instructing the child, always empowering them to think critically and make their own choices safely and responsibly. 





It is our belief that children who present behavioral challenges can and should be supported, integrated within the community,
and engaged in activities that promote optimum quality of life.

Our Professionals work with the child and their
families to deliver interventions and support.
Interventions delivered as part of our care and
treatment plans are based on a clear,
comprehensive and agreed formulation and

Priority outcome measures for interventions
are focus on the child’s capabilities, behavior and seamless approach that delivers proactive and effective planning for periods of transition.

Effective responses to behavioral challenges
will involve collectively taking flexible ways of working, and drawing on a wide range of potential therapeutic interventions to ensure that our patients receive the right support, in the right place, at the right time.

We have a responsibility to work in partnership
in a responsive, mutually supportive and facilitative manner with the child and their

"It is essential to work closely with families"

We understand that families are vital partners in enabling better understanding and support of a child who presents behavioral challenges. Therefore, we thrive to continually develop the skills and plants to be able to engage families in working on and resolving these issues.